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    "I ran into some problems during checkout/payment. Please help!"

    We use PayPal for all of the transactions made on the website. If you see this message:

    Due to payment restriction set by the local government transactions between 2 business PayPal accounts are prohibited. There're 2 solutions:
    1. Switch your business PayPal account to a regular one 
    2. Use a credit card
    If you encounter a different issue please contact me via email or instagram dm. We are sorry for this inconveniences.


    "I changed my address / I put in the wrong address! What to do?"

    Contact us as soon as possible. Provide your order number and name. If the order hasn't been shipped yet the address will be changed. Otherwise we are not responsible for replacing or refunding a sent order.


    "I've ordered a while ago. Where is my order?"

    Orders usually take 14 - 40 days to ship around the world. Please contact us in case you haven't received your order in more than 40 days from getting an email confirming shipping to request a replacement.

    (!) Due to ongoing pandemic any package may be a subject to 2-4 weeks quarantine, organized by customs services. It is recommended to choose Tracking shipping option at checkout because of this.
    We are not responsible for any delays that occurred because of COVID-19. We apologize in advance for longer than usual shipping time.