Information below is vital for sticker’s longevity and awesome look.



Instruction by @dorobonekooo

Sticker application tips:

  • Stickers are meant to be applied only to SOLID UNIFORM surfaces like metal or plastic panels, glass windows and such. Do not use them with fabric or leather products.

  • Make sure that sticker won’t have contact with hard objects or surfaces after application. If you want to stick it to your car window, check if the glass is not super cold.

  • Before applying your new sticker, make sure the desired surface area has been properly cleaned and dried. This is the key to awesome look and long life of the product!

  • I’d suggest you don’t remove the back layer all at once. Instead peel a corner and apply the exposed part of adhesive layer to the surface. Use squeegee or a credit card to remove air bubbles and finish the process by peeling away the rest of the backing.

Taking care of your stickers

  • While washing your car be very careful with areas where stickers are applied, don’t overdo it, especially in cold or humid weather.

  • Do not use Windex and other similar cleaners to clean the surface area! It spoils sticker’s adhesive layer. Use household soup-based cleaners or alcohol pads instead.